AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-19Use both CMake and traditional Makefiles to build so we install all supported...Zion Nimchuk
2021-03-17Version bumpZion Nimchuk
2021-01-05Version bump, use CMake to build, thanks sl1pkn07 for the patch fileZion Nimchuk
2020-09-22Updated: public keysGoliathLabs
2020-09-14Updated: 4.5.0GoliathLabs
2020-05-01Updated: 4.4.0GoliathLabs
2020-01-11update to 4.3.0Narrat
2017-08-24Use new configure option --enable-distroMaxime Vincent
2017-08-14Up to v3.12.0Maxime Vincent
2017-03-19Update to v3.10.2Maxime Vincent
2016-08-31Update dependenciesMaxime Vincent
2016-08-31Update to 3.9.8Maxime Vincent
2016-01-06Update to 3.8.0maximevince
2015-12-08Update maintainermaximevince
2015-12-08Update to v3.7.0maximevince
2015-08-11Initial importmaximevince