AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-12version bumpKyle Brown
2021-08-11version bumpKyle Brown
2021-08-10version bumpKyle Brown
2021-08-07forgot thisKyle Brown
2021-08-07duhKyle Brown
2021-08-07try againKyle Brown
2021-08-07Fix version properly this timeKyle Brown
2021-08-07Resolves commentKyle Brown
2021-08-07zsh completions, and clearer textKyle Brown
2021-08-07version bump of worldeditKyle Brown
2021-08-06Add srcinfoKyle Brown
2021-08-06add clang to depsKyle Brown
2021-08-06worldedit 0.2 version bumpKyle Brown
2021-08-06typoKyle Brown
2021-08-06First worldedit-git commitKyle Brown