AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-10downgrade electron to workaroud segfaultCyano Hao
2024-05-092.12.0Cyano Hao
2024-04-172.11.0Cyano Hao
2023-11-132.10.0Cyano Hao
2023-06-062.9.4Cyano Hao
2023-01-312.9.3; update to Node.js 18Cyano Hao
2023-01-302.9.2Cyano Hao
2022-11-032.9.1; disable updaterCyano Hao
2022-09-22fix pkgrelCyano Hao
2022-09-222.9.0; client names follow Battle.Net appCyano Hao
2022-08-21explicitly set electron versionCyano Hao
2022-07-152.8.3Cyano Hao
2022-07-15support non-default version of system electronCyano Hao
2022-05-25disable gyp rebuild to avoid possible failureCyano Hao
2022-05-25disable mirror by defaultCyano Hao
2022-05-252.8.2: fork from wowupCyano Hao