AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-13update depends, etcxiota
2024-02-29Update to 0.600.0abelian424
2023-11-14Found out about namcap, so I edited the dependenciesabelian424
2023-11-14Leaning upabelian424
2023-11-11Reverted recent changes that obfuscated the fact that this is the release pac...abelian424
2023-11-10Fixed problems noted by userabelian424
2023-11-09Changed dependency from qt6-docs to kdoctools5 to coincide with other kwinft ...abelian424
2023-11-07Updated dependenciesabelian424
2023-11-07Updated dependenciesabelian424
2023-02-22Updated to 5.27 against Plasma/5.27 branch of wraplandabelian424
2023-01-20Updated script to produce identical set of packages as Manjaro kwinft in orde...abelian424
2022-10-12Updated to 0.526.0abelian424
2022-06-16Updated to 0.525.0abelian424
2022-02-09Updated to 0.524.0abelian424
2021-12-01Updated to 0.523.1abelian424
2021-10-15Updated to 0.523.0abelian424
2021-06-09Updated to 0.522.0abelian424
2021-02-17Updated checksumabelian424
2021-02-17Updated to 0.521.0abelian424
2021-02-15Reverted to stable 5.20.0, those who want beta build can manually configure P...abelian424
2021-02-11Renamed package to reflect its beta statusabelian424
2021-02-10Updated to 0.521.0-beta.0abelian424
2020-10-17Updated to 5.20.0abelian424
2020-09-28Updated to 0.520.0-beta.0abelian424
2020-07-11Release version of wrapland-kwinftabelian424