AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-23Build wf commandSam Whited
2019-08-27Build PIESam Whited
2019-06-27Fix build after change to GitHubSam Whited
2019-06-26Bump to v2.0.0Sam Whited
2019-04-20More reproducible buildsSam Whited
2018-12-15Build package from canonical source on code.asSam Whited
2018-10-01Add missing dep and general cleanupSam Whited
2018-10-01Fix license (GPL3, not "GPL" which indicates 2+)Sam Whited
2018-10-01Fix broken metadataSam Whited
2018-10-01Initial commit of writeas-cli 1.2Sam Whited