AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysUpdate AUR for 1.3.0 releaseHunter Peavey
11 daysUpdate changelogHunter Peavey
11 daysUpdate AUR for 1.2.0 releaseHunter Peavey
2019-12-20Update .srcinfoHunter Peavey
2019-12-20Update AUR for 1.1.6 releaseHunter Peavey
2019-12-13Update CHANGELOG for 1.1.4-2Hunter Peavey
2019-12-07Update pkgrelHunter Peavey
2019-12-07Add mpv and vlc to optdependsHunter Peavey
2019-12-07Update .SRCINFOHunter Peavey
2019-12-07Update AUR for 1.1.4 releaseHunter Peavey
2019-11-22Test commit for troubleshootingHunter Peavey
2019-11-22Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Peavey
2019-11-22Update AUR for 1.1.3 releaseHunter Peavey
2019-11-22Update SRCINFOHunter Peavey
2019-11-22Update AUR for 1.1.3 releaseHunter Peavey
2019-11-22Update AUR for 1.1.2 releaseHunter Peavey
2019-11-02Add changelog updatesHunter Peavey
2019-11-02Update AUR for 1.1.1 releaseHunter Peavey
2019-11-01Update srcinfoHunter Peavey
2019-10-23Update AUR for new upstreamHunter Peavey
2019-10-19Update AUR for 1.1.0 releaseHunter Peavey
2019-10-17Update AUR for v1.0.9 releaseHunter Peavey
2019-10-17Update AUR for v1.0.8 releaseHunter Peavey
2019-10-11Sync changelog with upstreamHunter Peavey
2019-10-10Update changelog fileHunter Peavey
2019-10-09Update srcinfoHunter Peavey
2019-10-09Add changelogHunter Peavey
2019-10-08Update AUR for v1.0.7 releaseHunter Peavey
2019-10-07See previous commitHunter Peavey
2019-10-07Remove bash and coreutils dependencies as these are now required by baseHunter Peavey
2019-09-09Update AUR for v1.0.6-1 releaseHunter Peavey
2019-09-08Update AUR for 1.0.5-1 releaseHunter Peavey
2019-08-21Add coreutils dependencyHunter Peavey
2019-08-21Update AUR for 1.0.4-1 releaseHunter Peavey
2019-06-27Update AUR for 1.0.3-1 releaseHunter Peavey
2019-06-23Bump version numberHunter Peavey
2019-06-23Update AUR for 1.0.2-1 releaseHunter Peavey
2019-06-23Update AUR for 1.0.1-2 releaseHunter Peavey
2019-06-22Update .SRCINFOHunter Peavey
2019-06-22Update AUR for new 1.0.1-1 releaseHunter Peavey
2019-06-21Initial commitHunter Peavey