AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-09Deactivated use of `ccache` by default.root
2021-05-09New upstream commit; patch to fix wwwoffled's help output for debug levels no...root
2021-05-06Added a patch to fix loglevel help message in `wwwoffled`.root
2021-05-06Made `makedepends` multiline formatted.root
2021-05-06Adding 'ccache' to `makedepends` when ccache build is requested.root
2021-05-06Switch off of ccache use by defaultroot
2021-05-06A few `PKGBUILD` bugfixes.root
2020-05-26New upstream revision 2253.felics
2019-05-31Upstream fixed a minor bugfelics
2019-04-14Aded subversion dependency.felics
2019-01-29New upstream revisionfelics
2018-12-02Minor PKGBUILD tweak.felics
2018-12-02Upstream fixed some issues, patch no longer needed.felics
2018-11-28Fixing an error with multiple processes trying to create the same key/ certif...felics
2018-10-18Changed 'msg' to 'msg2'.felics
2018-10-18New upstream revision. Added to the PKGBUILD the installation of ChangeLogs.felics
2018-08-26Added a patch which fixes an upstream type mismatch in io.cfelics
2018-08-26Removed ccache options=()-entryfelics
2018-08-23Upstream updated.felics
2018-05-09New SVN revision.felics
2018-02-01Added short waiting time in initscripts stop/ force-kill logic.felics@felics-tablet
2018-01-30Installs contrib scripts to documentation directoryfelics@felics-tablet
2018-01-30Corrected sha256sumsfelics@felics-tablet
2018-01-30Changed OpenRC and sysvinit initscripts to report on not-stopped processes, i...felics@felics-tablet
2017-12-08Updated initscripts to killal-9 if stopping fails.felics@felics-tablet
2017-10-26updated description.felics@felics-tablet
2017-10-26New SVN revision -- bugfixes/improvements.felics@felics-tablet
2016-09-21Rework of initscripts, initscripts' config file and install messages.felics@felics-tablet
2016-09-21Made install-script more informative, and cleaned it up.felics@felics-tablet
2016-09-20Changed the way we do permissions of /var/spool/wwwoffle.felics@felics-tablet
2016-09-20Updated pkgrel since content changed and forgotten that update before.felics@felics-tablet
2016-09-20Added reload-command to openrc and sysvinit initscripts.felics@felics-tablet
2016-08-26New revision: Updated a lot of German translation.felics@felics-tablet
2016-07-08New major version in upstream.felics@felics-tablet
2016-03-21* Now puts correct version into src/version.h.felics@felics-tablet
2016-03-05Precised description.felics@felics-tablet
2016-03-05Improved PKGBUILD.felics@felics-tablet
2016-03-05Uodates .SRCINFO (forgotten at last commit).felics@felics-tablet
2016-03-05Fixed installation of configuration file template.felics@felics-tablet
2016-03-05Another bugfix, and installes configuration file now as /etc/wwwoffle/wwwoffl...felics@felics-tablet
2016-02-29Bug fixes in upstream.felics@felics-tablet
2016-02-29Bug fixes in upstream.felics@felics-tablet
2016-02-15Updated .SRCINFO.felics@felics-tablet
2016-02-15Some more bugs fixed in upstream.felics@felics-tablet
2016-02-14The upstream code had some bugfixes.felics@felics-tablet
2016-02-02Changed small formattings of the PKGBUILD and of a message printed out.felics@felics-tablet
2016-02-02PKGBUILD now updates version information in src/version.h to actual version a...felics@felics-tablet
2016-02-01Initial commit.felics@felics-tablet