AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-16Update to Bruguera
2022-10-18Update to Bruguera
2022-09-15Update to Bruguera
2022-09-06Update to Bruguera
2022-07-27Update to Bruguera
2022-07-27Fix build due to Arch wxWidgets changes.Joan Bruguera
2022-05-31Update to Bruguera
2022-01-20Update to Bruguera
2021-06-29Fix build for GCC 11. Thanks for report and patch to @ReyJamonico.Joan Bruguera
2021-03-02Update to Bruguera
2021-02-08Update to Bruguera
2021-01-05Update to Bruguera
2020-12-10Update to Bruguera
2020-10-07Ignore shellcheck warning - no pkgrel bump.Joan Bruguera
2019-12-10Upgrade tracking to the latest version. Additionally, change BSC package vers...Joan Bruguera
2019-10-04Update to the new sub-version release on the FTP. I should probably start usi...Joan Bruguera
2019-09-13Update to 4.8.2.Joan Bruguera
2019-09-13Update the package to the latest code in the BSC FTP (again, no version numbe...Joan Bruguera
2019-03-22Fix package licenses.Joan Bruguera
2019-03-22Lint and uniformize BSC package files.Joan Bruguera
2019-02-28Clean up and simplify PKGBUILD.Joan Bruguera
2019-02-28Add basic desktop file.Joan Bruguera
2019-02-14Initial package.Joan Bruguera