AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-09-27Switch to using 3.2.3 backports branchArti Zirk
2023-07-24Include Wayland Perf patchesArti Zirk
2023-07-18upgpkg: Fix undefined symbols in Qt build (FS#79130)Antonio Rojas
2023-02-13Update to Rojas
2023-02-09Update to 3.2.2Antonio Rojas
2023-01-15Drop options=(debug)/options=('debug') from trunkEvangelos Foutras
2023-01-02libtiff 4.5.0 rebuildEvangelos Foutras
2022-09-09Update to 3.2.1Antonio Rojas
2022-09-03Move cmake files to the backend-specific packages (FS#75754), use upstream pa...Antonio Rojas
2022-08-27Enable gtkprint (FS#75614)Antonio Rojas
2022-07-18Install translationsAntonio Rojas
2022-07-17Enable private fonts (FS#75343), add debugAntonio Rojas
2022-07-08Install wxwin.m4 for ucblogoAntonio Rojas
2022-07-07Add wxwidgets 3.2 package, replacing wxgtkAntonio Rojas