AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-05Update hash due to build job being accidentaly triggered againCélestin Matte
2022-08-27Update dependenciesCélestin Matte
2022-08-26Update dependenciesCélestin Matte
2022-08-26Update to 1.7.1Célestin Matte
2022-07-02Update SRCINFOCélestin Matte
2022-07-02Update to 1.6.1Célestin Matte
2022-02-11Update to 1.5.3Célestin Matte
2022-02-09Replace opam dependency with (now fixed) ocaml-cursesCélestin Matte
2022-02-09remove trailing tabsCélestin Matte
2022-02-09Move from wyrd-git repositoryCélestin Matte
2017-03-26Initial importLukas Fleischer