AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-07-191.8 updateredtide
2023-06-28Use GL vendor neutral library to avoid Mesa package conflictsredtide
2023-06-12Bundled license to avoid download issues, minor PKGBUILD fixesredtide
2022-01-23missing libcurl-gnutls dependency; armv7h urlFlorian Hülsmann
2021-06-09Update to v1.7 for x86_64redtide
2021-03-04Fixed typoredtide
2021-03-04Version 1.6, no x86redtide
2021-03-041.5 updateredtide
2019-10-30Fix linksAnders Thomsen
2017-02-13x64-bit, EULA and missing dependencyAnders Thomsen
2017-02-12Update to v. 1.5Anders Thomsen
2016-02-27First versionAnders Thomsen