AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-12[fix] add glew dependency as per #49Nikola Pavlica
2022-04-02[update] dependenciesNikola Pavlica
2021-09-09[update] version Pavlica
2021-08-16[bugfix] add proper prefixes for the modulesNikola Pavlica
2021-08-10[bugfix] install install pathsNikola Pavlica
2021-05-04[update] version Pavlica
2019-12-01[fix] include new build filesNikola Pavlica
2019-07-21made CMake create Release builds instead of Debug onesNikola Pavlica
2019-07-21update script for Pavlica
2019-04-21fixed CMAKE PATH variablenikp123
2019-02-27nik123true did an oopsienikp123
2019-02-08updated so the default configuration file is includednikp123
2019-01-11updated xava infonikp123
2018-07-06updated for cmakenikp123
2018-04-07Proper icon packagingnikp123
2018-03-25oops.... didnt mean tonikp123
2018-03-25updated PKGBUILDnikp123
2017-12-14Avoiding issue #188nikp123
2017-12-14Resolving issue #188 on GitHubnikp123
2017-08-16Pulling from git instead of svnnikp123
2017-08-07La la. Fixing issues.nikp123
2017-08-05Updated CAVA-GUInikp123
2017-01-23Force update ;)nik123
2017-01-23Force update ;)nik123
2016-12-02fixed the thing, i guess :Pnik123
2016-12-02fixed the darn thingnik123
2016-10-25some fixingnik123
2016-10-25some fixingnik123
2016-10-25some fixingnik123
2016-10-25some fixingnik123
2016-10-25Finnaly fixed CAVA-GUInik123
2016-09-14changed to v0.2nikp123
2016-09-02first commitnikp123