AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-29Added artix version, without systemdgigablaster
2021-05-04Remove iniparser dep, add libinih dep, add optional deps for slurp and grim, ...Dan Shick
2021-03-16Add scdoc to makedependsDan Shick
2021-03-04Add iniparser dependencyDan Shick
2021-01-19Update .SRCINFODan Shick
2021-01-19Fix build by specifying libsystemd as the sd-bus providerDan Shick
2020-05-25Add debug and !strip to optionsDavide Depau
2020-05-13Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Depau
2020-05-13Add optdependsDavide Depau
2020-05-10wlroots is not a dependencyDavide Depau
2020-04-29Bump to latest and add xdg-desktop-portal as dependsDavide Depau
2020-04-29Fix update-depends scriptDavide Depau
2020-04-11Update package dependenciesDavide Depau
2020-04-11Add script to update dependencies from CI configDavide Depau
2020-03-18Replace libpipewire02 with pipewireDavide Depau
2020-03-16Add libpipewire02 dependencyDavide Depau
2019-10-19Add self as xdg-desktop-portal-impl providerDavide Depau
2019-10-18Initial commitDavide Depau