AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-09Update to 5.20.647.4414Eduard Wirch
2018-07-30Update to 5.20.626.4179Eduard Wirch
2018-03-26Update to 5.20.620.4112Eduard Wirch
2017-09-19Fix source file hashesEduard Wirch
2017-09-18Fix xhost invocation to allow Xerox driver to open X11 windowsEduard Wirch
2017-09-18Taking ownershipEduard Wirch
2017-09-18gitignore everything as recommendet in Wirch
2017-09-18Update to 5.20.606.3946 and fix Arch incompatibilityEduard Wirch
2017-09-15new version 5.20.606.3946Troy Engel
2017-04-24new versionTroy Engel
2017-01-22new version 5.20.600.3803Troy Engel
2017-01-22new version 5.20.598.3490Troy Engel
2016-11-19new version 5.20.597.3452Troy Engel
2016-05-07new versionTroy Engel
2015-06-13Initial importTroy Engel