AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-25Update to 4.0.1Greg Land
2024-03-22Update to 4.0.0Greg Land
2024-01-08Update to 3.1.5Greg Land
2023-07-223.1.1Greg Land
2023-02-11updated to 3.0.5Greg Land
2022-10-17Update to 3.0.1Greg Land
2022-05-28update to 2.4.1Greg Land
2022-03-282.4.0Greg Land
2022-01-20Upadte to 2.3.1Greg Land
2021-11-202.3.0Greg Land
2021-10-02Updated to 2.1.1Greg Land
2021-08-24Updated to 1.0.4Greg Land
2021-07-29Fixed srcinfoGreg Land
2021-04-24Updated to 1.0.1Greg Land
2020-03-03Fixed typo in script that was breaking build depsGreg Land
2019-10-07Resolved issue with libpgm in community that made the .patch file necessaryGreg Land
2019-10-05Removed old cmake overridesGreg Land
2019-10-05First pass at getting this functionalGreg Land
2019-01-24Update versionTarn Burton
2018-03-25Initial commitTarn Burton