AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-02-04move to git repoJSkier21
2021-07-102.2.0 updateJSkier21
2021-07-102.2.0 updateJSkier21
2021-07-072.1.0 updateJSkier21
2021-06-30update to 2.0.3JSkier21
2021-06-18updating SRCINFO to see if it will updateJSkier21
2021-06-18trying to updateJSkier21
2021-06-18update to version 2.0.1, URL pointing to SF pageJSkier21
2021-06-16update to version 2.0.0JSkier21
2020-03-28update to 1.5.0jskier
2020-02-28update 1.4.4jskier
2020-02-26update 1.4.3Jeremy MJ
2020-01-211.4.2 updatejskier
2019-12-03new package name, initial push version 1.3.2jskier