AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-11Update to 4.19.x with initial wayland support and dependencies.Ted Alff
2020-08-20statusnotifier plugin merged; add libdbusmenu-gtk3 dependency.Ted Alff
2020-05-12Update source to gitlab.xfce.orgTed Alff
2020-01-18Bump libxfce4ui dependency versionTed Alff
2018-07-15Fix provides versionTed Alff
2018-07-15Add xfce4-panel-profiles as optdependsTed Alff
2017-08-16Updated with new (make)dependenciesTed Alff
2017-07-05AdoptedTed Alff
2017-04-19new versionMarcin Mikołajczak
2017-04-06new versionMarcin Mikołajczak
2017-03-16new versionm4sk1n
2017-03-06fixed deps and parametersm4sk1n
2017-03-05changed url, doesn't need to ++m4sk1n
2017-03-05initial versionm4sk1n