AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-23Version bump 1.0.13Ted Alff
2021-01-04Update SRCINFOTed Alff
2021-01-04Add patch to fix launchers not being saved.Ted Alff
2020-12-29Version bump 1.0.12Ted Alff
2020-01-18Version bump 1.0.10Ted Alff
2019-07-30Version bump 1.0.9Ted Alff
2019-05-27Bump pkgrelTed Alff
2019-05-27Added to xfce4-goodies-devel groupTed Alff
2019-05-27Add to xfce4-goodiesTed Alff
2018-07-28Version update 1.0.8Ted Alff
2018-07-15Initial commit.Ted Alff