AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-26Update to 0.8.0Andrey Vihrov
2020-11-17Update to 0.7.90Andrey Vihrov
2020-09-24Update to 0.7.8Andrey Vihrov
2019-12-03Update to 0.7.7Andrey Vihrov
2019-11-29Update to 0.7.6Andrey Vihrov
2018-08-09Update to 0.7.5Andrey Vihrov
2017-09-19Update to 0.7.4Andrey Vihrov
2017-07-10Update to 0.7.3Andrey Vihrov
2017-05-15Update to 0.7.2Andrey Vihrov
2017-03-06Update to version 0.7.1Andrey Vihrov
2016-09-07Bump to 0.7.0. Use source archive from Github.Andrey Vihrov
2016-08-10Add libtool workaround to remove unneeded dynamic dependenciesAndrey Vihrov
2016-06-13Remove now unneeded dependencyAndrey Vihrov
2016-06-04Bump to 0.6.0. Remove install file.Andrey Vihrov
2016-03-31Bump to 0.5.92Andrey Vihrov
2016-03-22Bump to 0.5.91Andrey Vihrov
2016-03-01Bump to 0.5.90Andrey Vihrov
2016-02-01Bump to v0.5.5Andrey Vihrov
2015-12-20Bump to 0.5.4Andrey Vihrov
2015-11-14Bump to 0.5.3Andrey Vihrov
2015-10-09Bump to 0.5.2Andrey Vihrov
2015-09-07Bump to 0.5.1Andrey Vihrov
2015-08-14Fix namcap warningsAndrey Vihrov
2015-08-14Update to 0.5.0Andrey Vihrov
2015-08-13Initial commitAndrey Vihrov