AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-08cleaning the PKGBUILDLancia
2023-10-02cleaning the PKGBUILDLancia
2022-11-01Added a tiny spaceLancia
2022-11-01Converted "install -d" lines into a single "install -D" line, pkgrel version 4Lancia
2022-10-28Added comment line on previous maintainerLancia
2022-10-28Added comment line specifying myself as maintainerLancia
2022-10-28Some better quotation, added "-f" option to gzip and bumped pkgrel to 3Lancia
2022-10-28Removed "OpenBSD" from license variable and added another license term from s...Lancia
2022-10-28Some syntax cleanup, quoting unquoted variables, bumpig pkgrel to 2Lancia
2022-10-28Better way of generating the LICENSE fileLancia
2022-10-28Quoted the "source" variableLancia
2022-10-28Removed unneeded "s" in "Prints" in package description variableLancia
2022-10-28Removed makedepends=(git) since we are downloading a tarballLancia
2022-10-28Better "cd" commandsLancia
2022-10-28Added .gitignore fileLancia
2022-10-28Single quoted some variable definitionsLancia
2022-10-28i686 removed from arch=()Lancia
2022-10-27"gcc" not needed for makedependsLancia
2019-03-23v1.3-1Vitaliy Berdinskikh