AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-02Confirmed compatibility with repository version of OpenJDK 8Aidan Coward
2020-12-30forgot to update .SRCINFOAidan Coward
2020-12-30Added secondary PKGBUILD if users wants to avoid using the bundled javaAidan Coward
2020-12-29updated to version 1.4.47V1Aidan Coward
2020-12-20updated to version 1.4.47V0Aidan Coward
2020-11-10updated to version 1.4.46V0Aidan Coward
2020-08-30updated to version 1.4.45V1Aidan Coward
2020-08-23updated to version 1.4.45V0Aidan Coward
2020-07-31fixed issue where PKGBUILD was not looking forAidan Coward
2020-07-31PKGBUILD was not looking for xmage.desktopAidan Coward
2020-07-28added .desktop file and icon + doc in READMEAidan Coward
2020-07-11updated to version 1.4.44V0Aidan Coward
2020-07-04Changed systemd service to restart if xmage-serverAidan Coward
2020-06-21updated to version 1.4.43V0Aidan Coward
2020-04-19updated to version 1.4.42V7aAidan Coward
2020-03-05updated to version 1.4.42V6Aidan Coward
2020-02-21updated to version 1.4.42V5Aidan Coward
2020-02-16updated to version 1.4.42V4Aidan Coward
2020-02-01updated to version 1.4.42V3Aidan Coward
2020-01-18updated to version 1.4.42V2Aidan Coward
2020-01-17updated to version 1.4.42V1Aidan Coward
2020-01-09updated to version 1.4.42V0Aidan Coward
2020-01-03previous version didn't correctly modify scripts to start mage-client orAidan Coward
2020-01-03updated to version 1.1.41V1aAidan Coward
2019-12-22updated to version 1.4.41V0Aidan Coward
2019-12-08updated to version 1.4.40V1aAidan Coward
2019-11-30updated to version 1.4.40V0Aidan Coward
2019-09-28updated for version 1.4.39V0Aidan Coward
2019-09-10updated to version 1.4.38V0Aidan Coward
2019-07-14updated to version 1.4.37V4aAidan Coward
2019-07-08updated to version 1.4.37V3Aidan Coward
2019-07-06updated to version 1.4.37V2Aidan Coward
2019-07-02Updated for 1.37V1 hotfixAidan Coward
2019-07-01Updated to version 1.4.37V0Aidan Coward
2019-06-26forgot to update pkgrel to 2Aidan Coward
2019-06-26modified PKGBUILD for alternative architecturesAidan Coward
2019-06-22updated to version 1.4.36v3Aidan Coward
2019-06-08added xmage.install to PKGBUILDAidan Coward
2019-06-08updated to version 1.4.36V2Aidan Coward
2019-05-19updated to version 1.4.35V6Aidan Coward
2019-05-12updated to version 1.4.35V5Aidan Coward
2019-05-04updated to version 1.4.35V4aAidan Coward
2019-04-30updated to version 1.4.35V3Aidan Coward
2019-04-29update to 1.4.35V2Aidan Coward
2019-04-24update to version 1.4.35V1Aidan Coward
2019-04-07Changed PKGBUILD to avoid downloading dedicatedAidan Coward
2019-04-07added wget as a make-dependsAidan Coward
2019-04-06added information about java version required and installed by xmageAidan Coward
2019-04-05Due to incompatibility issues between xmage and the current java versionAidan Coward
2019-03-30updated for hotfixAidan Coward