AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-15GCC 12 rebuildXiretza
2022-05-12Rid '-Werror=format-security' and '-Wformat' from CFLAGS.Rod Kay
2022-02-17Update to version '22.0.0'.Rod Kay
2021-06-21Install the licenses.Rod Kay
2021-06-21Correct email contact.Rod Kay
2021-05-29pkgrel bump for GCC 11Xiretza
2021-05-16Update to 21.0.0Xiretza
2020-05-21Fix pkgdescXiretza
2020-05-21Update to 2020 releaseXiretza
2020-02-23Update source URL'sRod Kay
2019-06-23Update to 2019Rod Kay
2018-09-14Add custom licenseRod Kay
2018-09-12Fix dependency cycleRod Kay
2018-09-12Improve PKGBUILDRod Kay
2018-09-12Improve PKGBUILDRod Kay
2018-09-09Make it conflict with the git versionRod Kay
2018-09-09Change version to 2018.Rod Kay
2018-09-07Update to 2018Rod Kay
2017-07-06Bump package version to force update to gcc7Rod Kay
2017-06-14Use gpl17 sourcesRod Kay
2017-06-05Fix version againRod Kay
2017-06-05Fix versionRod Kay
2017-06-05Update SRCINFORod Kay
2017-06-05Fix 'provides' & 'conflicts'Rod Kay
2017-06-05Rid old filesRod Kay
2017-06-05Update to latest git versionRod Kay
2016-07-03Correct a checksum.Rod Kay
2016-07-03Rid obsolete patches.Rod Kay
2016-07-03Add 'Makefile.archy' back in.Rod Kay
2016-07-02Complete dropping use of gprbuild binary.Rod Kay
2016-07-02Drop use of gprbuild binary.Rod Kay
2016-06-08Use gprbuild binary to break the xmlada/grpbuild circular dependency.Rod Kay
2016-06-05Fixed bugs.Rod Kay
2016-06-05Update to 2016 version.Rod Kay
2015-11-20Updated source url.Rod Kay
2015-08-01Updated SRCINFO.Rod Kay
2015-07-26Added patch.charlie5
2015-07-26Corrected find to only check 1 folder.charlie5
2015-07-26Corrected find to remove dir prefix.charlie5
2015-07-26Corrected in-place sed on xmlada.gpr.charlie5
2015-07-26Improved find command when installing.charlie5
2015-07-25Corrected checksum for Makefile.archy.charlie5
2015-07-25Updated to use own Makefile.charlie5
2015-07-25Initial importcharlie5