AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-11fix(git): use https as git protocol has been dropped by GitHubSam Kirby
2021-11-26update xmonad-contrib.cabal patchingSam Kirby
2021-11-13chore: upstream now uses lightweight tagsSam Kirby
2021-06-04haskell-x11 version bumpMrElendig
2018-09-22update and cleanupMrElendig
2018-02-09modified for dynamic build√ėyvind Heggstad
2017-06-21updated for ghc8 packageing changes + div cleanupMrElendig
2017-02-21dep bump and git to makedependsMrElendig
2016-12-28haskell-x11 dep changeMrElendig
2015-10-01change to deps, added warning about rebuildMrElendig
2015-09-12initial commitMrElendig