AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-11-21update to latestsoloturn
2021-10-14update current git versionsoloturn
2021-06-28not strip symbols to ease debuggingsoloturn
2021-06-07update from gitsoloturn
2021-03-06check if git still workssoloturn
2020-06-230.6.1 as new basesoloturn
2020-06-08tags are now in the tree, calculate version with themsoloturn
2020-06-07depend on lua, xmoto uses compatibilty flags nowsoloturn
2020-06-05ode, xdg-basedir needed. use the outdated version contained in the xmoto vend...soloturn
2020-06-05update SRCINFO for reordered and optional depssoloturn
2020-06-05order dependencies alphabetically, take out some to be optionalsoloturn
2020-06-01update .SRCINFOsoloturn
2020-06-01update pkgver coming from gitsoloturn
2020-06-01depend on lua-5.1soloturn
2020-06-01finding xmoto after build now fixed, no sedsoloturn
2020-04-26there is no crosscompiling, not set CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAMEsoloturn
2020-04-26add ninja as dedicated stepsoloturn
2020-04-26regenerate SRCINFOsoloturn
2020-04-26add pkgver to have a new package with a new git commitsoloturn
2020-04-26increase the build number of packagesoloturn
2020-04-26point to the built xmoto in src, .travis.yml has it notsoloturn
2019-02-08remove outdated cppflags.soloturn
2019-02-08add manpagesoloturn
2019-02-08ninja xmoto_pack creates the package files.soloturn
2019-02-08initial commit with cmake and ninja buildsoloturn