AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-02disable microhttpd which is not currently compatibleCody Schafer
2020-06-22fix srcinfoCody P Schafer
2020-06-22update to 1.0.5Cody P Schafer
2020-01-10update to 1.0.4Cody P Schafer
2019-12-13adjust to xmr-stak-rx 1.0.3Cody P Schafer
2019-08-04update to 2.10.7Cody P Schafer
2019-07-21update to 2.10.6Cody P Schafer
2019-06-09update to 2.10.5Cody P Schafer
2019-04-03update to 2.10.4Cody Schafer
2019-03-28update to 2.10.3Cody P Schafer
2019-03-18update to 2.10.2Cody Schafer
2019-03-11update to 2.10.1Cody Schafer
2019-03-09update to 2.10.0Cody P Schafer
2019-02-15update to 2.8.3Cody P Schafer
2019-02-11update to 2.8.2Cody P Schafer
2018-12-28update to 2.7.1Cody P Schafer
2018-12-03fixup! update to 2.7.0Cody P Schafer
2018-12-03update to 2.7.0Cody P Schafer
2018-11-17update to 2.6.0Cody P Schafer
2018-10-26update to 2.5.2Cody P Schafer
2018-10-19update to 2.5.1Cody P Schafer
2018-10-16and now I am getting the other sha256 hash againCody Schafer
2018-10-15xmr-stak 2.5.0 sha256 changed. unclear why. possibly a slight re-tagging/tag ...Cody P Schafer
2018-10-11srcinfoCody P Schafer
2018-10-11version 2.5.0Cody P Schafer
2018-07-25v2.4.7Cody P Schafer
2018-06-20v2.4.5Cody Schafer
2018-05-262.4.3Cody P Schafer
2018-04-14non-git, non-cuda, non-donate variantCody P Schafer
2018-01-02fix path to patchHui Yiqun
2017-11-30add dependency: ocl-icdHui Yiqun
2017-11-23add missing dependency: opencl-headersHui Yiqun
2017-11-22update descriptionHui Yiqun
2017-11-22new package as xmr-stak-gitHui Yiqun
2017-11-22new repoHui Yiqun
2017-09-12add dependency on hwlocHui Yiqun
2017-08-03fix no-donate.patchHui Yiqun
2017-06-10include no-donate.patch in sourceHui Yiqun
2017-06-07fix a error of installHui Yiqun
2017-06-07sorry, license file is not needed for this is published under GPLv3Hui Yiqun
2017-06-07include license fileHui Yiqun
2017-06-07initial commitHui Yiqun