AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysadd glib2-devel to makedepends, require webkit2gtk-4.1nate
2023-11-28add yelp opt depend, change xapps-git dep to xappnate
2022-01-16updated excluded version tagsnate
2021-03-15remove gtk3-print-backends and other unneeded runtime depsnate
2019-10-26Update build to use mesonnate
2019-08-01update emailnate
2018-01-19Fix build failure with new version string and add xapps depnate
2017-07-20update depends and configurenate
2017-05-26updated build for extensionsion201
2017-02-05Update depsnate
2017-01-16update optdepsnate
2016-11-08add yelp-tools depion201
2016-07-02Version bumpion201
2016-03-20update optdepndsnate
2016-03-07remove unnecessary gtk3 flagnate
2016-03-07initial commitnate