AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-12Bump to 5.42 with fix for C90 comment error.Christopher Bero
2018-10-14Updated to 5.40Christopher Bero
2018-06-17Bump to version 5.39. Mono color settings lost.Christopher Bero
2017-07-06Bump to version 5.37Christopher Bero
2017-05-01bumped to upstream xmatrix 5.36Christopher Bero
2015-10-29Brought forward to match xscreensaver-5.34Christopher Bero
2015-07-23Update to 5.32-3Christopher Bero
2015-07-23Update to 5.32-2, added missing sha1sum.Christopher Bero
2015-07-23Update to 5.32-2Christopher Bero
2015-07-09Initial PKGBUILD, not extensively testedChristopher Bero