AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-29Update to 3.25Amish
2023-05-07Update to 3.24Amish
2023-01-16Update to 3.23Amish
2022-11-22Update to 3.22Amish
2022-06-30Update to 3.21Amish
2022-04-19Update to 3.20Amish
2022-04-10Add pde_data patchAmish
2022-04-01Update to 3.19Amish
2021-03-19Update to 3.18Amish
2021-03-09Update to 3.17Amish
2021-02-07Update to 3.15Amish
2020-11-26Update to 3.13Amish
2020-09-26Update to 3.11Amish
2020-08-06Update to 3.10. New source and URL.
2020-03-13Update to 3.9Amish
2019-12-10Update to 3.7Amish
2019-11-27Update to 3.6Amish
2019-09-11Update to 3.5Amish
2019-07-27Add Linux 5.2 crypto desc flags compat fixAmish
2019-03-20Update to 3.3. Remove exclusive building as linux-lts is now 4.19Amish
2018-12-04Switch to xtables directoryAmish
2018-11-17Allow build for upcoming kernel 4.20+ tooAmish
2018-09-09Update to 3.2-1Amish
2018-08-18Update to 3.1Amish
2018-03-05Update to v3.0. Drop support for kernel < 4.15Amish
2018-02-10Patch for Linux kernel 4.15Amish
2018-01-28Update to 2.14Amish
2017-07-01Updated to version 2.13Iacopo Isimbaldi
2017-02-19Updated to version 2.12Iacopo Isimbaldi
2016-12-29Updated to version 2.11Iacopo Isimbaldi
2015-10-02* xtables-addons-dkms: upstream release (version 2.8)Gerad Munsch
2015-08-22xtables-addons-dkms: added .gitignore fileGerad Munsch
2015-07-26xtables-addons-dkms: Updated to support kernels >~3.17, disabled xt_ECHO (exa...Gerad Munsch
2015-07-26xtables-addons-dkms: import existing version into git VCS for new AUR4 distri...Gerad Munsch