AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-20update to 24.04knedl1k
2023-11-01version bumped to 23.10.1, changed MD5sums to SHA256sumsknedl1k
2020-01-13UpdatePablo Lezaeta
2019-07-15Up PKGVERPablo Lezaeta
2019-03-21UpdatePablo Lezaeta
2018-04-29updpkgPablo Lezaeta
2017-10-22up new verPablo Lezaeta Reyes
2017-10-20new verPablo Lezaeta Reyes
2017-07-23Added the license that I missed to addPablo Lezaeta Reyes
2017-04-12fix licensePablo Lezaeta Reyes
2017-03-08new verPablo Roberto Francisco Lezaeta Reyes
2017-01-01New versionPablo Lezaeta
2016-07-26minifixPablo Lezaeta Reyes
2016-07-19upgPablo Lezaeta Reyes
2016-05-11upverPablo Lezaeta
2016-04-12update to xenialPablo Lezaeta
2016-01-15fixverPablo Lezaeta
2016-01-14new verPablo Lezaeta
2015-10-02update verPablo Lezaeta
2015-09-11new verPablo Lezaeta Reyes
2015-08-19updatePablo Lezaeta Reyes
2015-08-08New verPablo Lezaeta Reyes
2015-07-07upkg to newer verPablo Lezaeta Reyes
2015-05-28UpdatePablo Lezaeta Reyes
2015-05-26themePablo Lezaeta Reyes