AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysUpdate for yabridge 1.4.1Robbert van der Helm
12 daysUpdate for yabridge 1.4.0Robbert van der Helm
2020-07-18Add an optdepend for yabridgectlRobbert van der Helm
2020-07-17Update for yabridge 1.3.0Robbert van der Helm
2020-06-20Bump for version 1.2.1Robbert van der Helm
2020-06-08Move Boost to depends after static linking changeRobbert van der Helm
2020-06-08Use the new build optionsRobbert van der Helm
2020-05-29Bump for version 1.2.0Robbert van der Helm
2020-05-27Include plugin group host binariesRobbert van der Helm
2020-05-11Remove version constraint on wine dependencyRobbert van der Helm
2020-05-07Add a version constraint on the Wine versionRobbert van der Helm
2020-05-06Add a version constraint for lib32-boost-libsRobbert van der Helm
2020-05-05Add a PKGBUILD for yabridge-gitRobbert van der Helm