AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-11yaehmop: Use HTTPS to download sourcesTing-Wei Lan
2018-04-29yaehmop: Rename patches and use SHA-256 checksumsTing-Wei Lan
2015-05-13yaehmop: Fix path for patchesTing-Wei Lan
2013-11-02yaehmop: Fix hard-coded data file pathTing-Wei Lan
2013-07-18yaehmop: Fix implicit declarationsTing-Wei Lan
2013-07-18yaehmop: The official name has inconsistent casesTing-Wei Lan
2013-07-18Revert "yaehmop: Fix inconsistent uppercase"Ting-Wei Lan
2013-07-03yaehmop: Fix inconsistent uppercaseTing-Wei Lan
2013-06-03yaehmop: 3.1.0b2 (initial commit)Ting-Wei Lan