AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-17regenerated .SRCINFO for 5.4.0Marcin Dąbrowski
2019-12-17works with new release model, updated to 5.4.0Marcin Dąbrowski
2016-05-26updated to 4.1.10Florent H. CARRÉ
2016-05-04update to 4.1.7Florent H. CARRÉ
2016-04-14update to 4.1.4Florent H. CARRÉ
2016-03-19updated to 4.1.1Florent H. CARRÉ
2016-01-20updated to 4.0.47Florent H. CARRÉ
2016-01-13updated to 4.0.45Florent H. CARRÉ
2016-01-04updated to 4.0.44Florent H. CARRÉ
2015-11-25updated to 4.0.42Florent H. CARRÉ
2015-11-08updated to 4.0.41Florent H. CARRÉ
2015-10-31updated to 4.0.39Florent H. CARRÉ
2015-08-04updated to 4.0.37Florent H. CARRÉ
2015-07-19Initial importFlorent H. CARRÉ