AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-10-19Update URLAndrew O'Neill
2022-08-24Version bumpAndrew O'Neill
2021-10-11Version bumpAndrew O'Neill
2020-12-13Version bumpAndrew O'Neill
2020-05-31Version bumpAndrew O'Neill
2019-09-21Version bumpAndrew O'Neill
2019-01-23Add armv7h as a target archAndrew O'Neill
2018-12-26Version bumpAndrew O'Neill
2018-04-21Version bumpAndrew O'Neill
2017-12-24Minor PKGBUILD adjustmentsAndrew O'Neill
2017-12-21Update to 2.46Michael Straube
2017-07-06Update to 2.45Michael Straube
2017-02-18Update to 2.44Michael Straube
2016-09-29add the PREFIX, still need to fix the checking if loader flag -lm can be omit...Pablo Lezaeta
2016-01-14+verPablo Lezaeta
2015-08-24new verPablo Lezaeta Reyes
2015-07-12first attempt to fix the buildPablo Lezaeta Reyes
2015-05-26theme 2Pablo Lezaeta Reyes