AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-13yggdrasil-go Jenkins
2019-03-12yggdrasil-go Jenkins
2019-02-21yggdrasil-go v0.3.3Knut Ahlers
2018-12-28Reset rel only on updated packageKnut Ahlers
2018-12-27Reset pkgrel on updateKnut Ahlers
2018-12-27Yggdrasil v0.3.2Knut Ahlers
2018-12-18Add newly required group "yggdrasil"Knut Ahlers
2018-12-18Yggdrasil v0.3.1Knut Ahlers
2018-12-12Update supported architecturesKnut Ahlers
2018-12-12Get a full version for the packageKnut Ahlers
2018-12-12yggdrasil-go v0.3.0Knut Ahlers
2018-12-08Add yggdrasil as conflicting packageKnut Ahlers
2018-12-03Git is only a makedependency, not a dependencyKnut Ahlers
2018-12-03Install yggdrasil-resume serviceKnut Ahlers
2018-12-02Add more architecturesKnut Ahlers
2018-11-24Add version-update scriptKnut Ahlers
2018-11-24Note down the full semver in order to cause updatesKnut Ahlers
2018-11-21Fix: Unit needs to be installed in system, not in userKnut Ahlers
2018-11-21Fix: Forgot to update SRCINFOKnut Ahlers
2018-11-21Increase pkgrel for systemd changeKnut Ahlers
2018-11-21Add systemd unitKnut Ahlers
2018-11-21yggdrasil 0.2Knut Ahlers