AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-22update upstream URLStefan Biereigel
2021-10-12update provides to yosys-0.10Stefan Biereigel
2020-10-20add version info to provides-fieldStefan Biereigel
2020-10-19include yosys version in pkgverStefan Biereigel
2020-09-30Revert "fix upstream pyosys changes"Stefan Biereigel
2020-09-30fix upstream pyosys changesStefan Biereigel
2020-05-05update repo sources for yosys and abcStefan Biereigel
2020-03-12incorporate changes provided by xiretzaStefan Biereigel
2020-01-30sanitize prefix and destination directoriesStefan Biereigel
2020-01-30update maintainerStefan Biereigel
2020-01-30remove extra python defines after upstream fixStefan Biereigel
2019-11-26added compiler flag to build() step to fix upstream bug breaking on python 3.8Patrick Lloyd
2019-07-08added boost dependencies as per commentsPatrick Lloyd
2019-06-26enabled python dependency and regenerated srcinfoPatrick Lloyd
2019-02-04added contributors, added abc as sourcePatrick Lloyd
2019-02-03added xdot as dependency (required for show command)Patrick Lloyd
2016-05-08Changed toolchain from clang to gccSebastian Bøe
2015-10-14Fixed breakage.Sebastian Bøe
2015-10-14Added license.Sebastian Bøe
2015-10-05Added some missing dependencies.Sebastian Bøe
2015-10-05Initial commit.Sebastian Bøe