AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-10bump to 2019.1b133Neil Green
2019-05-15 bump to 2019.1b127Neil Green
2019-04-23bump to 2019.1b117Neil Green
2019-04-17bump to 2019.1b114Neil Green
2019-04-07simplify gitignoreNeil Green
2019-04-07bump to 2019.1b113Neil Green
2019-03-02bump to 2019.1b112Neil Green
2019-02-13bump to 2019.1b111Neil Green
2019-02-02bump to 2019.1b110Neil Green
2019-01-02bump to 2018.04b88Neil Green
2018-11-30bump to 2018.04b87Neil Green
2018-10-05bump to 2018.04b86Neil Green
2018-09-13bump to 2018.04b83Neil Green
2018-09-01bump to 2018.04b82Neil Green
2018-08-01bump to 2018.04b81Neil Green
2018-07-19bump to 2018.04b80Neil Green
2018-07-03bump to 2018.04b75Neil Green
2018-06-15bump to 2018.04b73Neil Green
2018-06-11bump to 2018.04b71Neil Green
2017-12-03Fix issues related to file name changeszml
2017-11-28Bump build to 68, update for changed URL formatzml
2017-07-19Bump to b63zml
2017-05-04Bump to b59zml
2017-04-22Update to build 57zml
2017-03-07update for 2017.02zml
2017-02-07Bump to b46zml
2016-12-14Bump to b45zml
2016-12-11Bump build #zml
2016-10-21Bump build #zml
2016-07-08Bump to b40zml
2016-05-04Bump version, start using hookszml
2016-03-30Bump to build 33zml
2016-03-03Bump to 2016.02b29zml
2016-01-28bump to 15086zml
2015-12-23Bump to build 1084zml
2015-12-12Bump buildzml
2015-11-30bump build to 15080zml
2015-10-24Update to b15076zml
2015-09-02update src info for correct metadatazml
2015-09-02bump build #zml
2015-08-11Bump build numberzml
2015-08-06Initial commit of yourkit 2015zml