AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-23Version bump. Performance increased A LOT.Anton Haubner
2020-03-22Fix source pathAnton Haubner
2020-03-22Version bump: MPRIS2 supportAnton Haubner
2020-03-19Version bump: Local playlistsAnton Haubner
2020-03-16Version bump: Channel searchAnton Haubner
2020-02-28Rollback version due to issues caused by removal of ncursesAnton Haubner
2020-02-26Version bump, remove ncurses dependency.Anton Haubner
2020-02-20New versionAnton Haubner
2020-02-07version bumpAnton Haubner
2020-02-06version bumpAnton Haubner
2020-02-05Add youtube-dl dependencyAnton Haubner
2020-02-04Update versionAnton Haubner
2020-02-04Upgrade versionAnton Haubner
2020-02-03update .SRCINFOAnton Haubner
2020-02-03Corrected ncurses version to use ABI 5 compat libsAnton Haubner
2020-02-03initAnton Haubner