AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-13Improve package description and add Taskfile.yamlAry Kleinerman
2024-05-06Update to version 7.0.0Ary Kleinerman
2024-03-07Upgrade to version 6.4.0Ary Kleinerman
2023-12-12Update to version 6.3.1Ary Kleinerman
2023-11-07Add improvements requested by zekesonxxAry Kleinerman
2023-09-04Upgrade application from v6.2.0 to v6.3.0Ary Kleinerman
2023-07-11Include zenity as required dependencyAry Kleinerman
2023-04-24Upgrade to version 6.2.0Ary Kleinerman
2023-03-29Initial commit with the new pkg nameAry Kleinerman