AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-28Bump to 0.1.5Thomas Gerbet
2021-05-02Use upstream SystemD service fileThomas Gerbet
2021-02-04Add aarch64 architectureThomas Gerbet
2020-06-29yubikey-agent might not start on bootThomas Gerbet
2020-06-27Bump to v0.1.3Thomas Gerbet
2020-06-21Bump to v0.1.2Thomas Gerbet
2020-05-19go-pie package does not exist anymore (2)Thomas Gerbet
2020-05-19go-pie package does not exist anymoreThomas Gerbet
2020-05-11Add missing dependency to pinentryThomas Gerbet
2020-05-10Mention that pcscd must be startedThomas Gerbet
2020-05-10Make systemd-analyze security happyThomas Gerbet
2020-05-10Bump to v0.1.1Thomas Gerbet
2020-05-09Add a systemd unitThomas Gerbet
2020-05-09Initial package releaseThomas Gerbet