AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysMove back to QT5, QT6 has problems with scaling method and anti-aliasingHurricanePootis
2023-03-12Compile with QT6; upstream support is mature enough nowHurricanePootis
2023-03-09Bump pkgver() due to ffmpeg updateErfaun Atabakhsh
2023-03-08Yuzu can link to cubeb, so add to depends()HurricanePootis
2023-03-08Yuzu now supports wayland. See #7140 and #9454HurricanePootis
2023-02-23Improve cmake style and depends using namcapHurricanePootis
2023-02-13Fix conflicts() and add boost-libsHurricanePootis
2023-02-07Disable LTO from makepkg.conf since LTO is already setHurricanePootis
2023-01-10Update build flagsHurricanePootis
2023-01-06Update sirit subdepHurricanePootis
2022-11-04Bump because openssl momentHurricanePootis
2022-10-24Add -Wno-dev, -DYUZU_TESTS=OFF -BUILD_TESTS=OFFHurricanePootis
2022-10-19Update git submodule method and add llvmHurricanePootis
2022-10-13Update PKGBUILD to be more in parity with flatpak and enable thin lto to impr...HurricanePootis
2022-10-03Add enet as a dependency and external moduleHurricanePootis
2022-09-28Add cpp-jwt as an external dependencyHurricanePootis
2022-09-18Bump pkgver() to encourage people to rebuild yuzu after boost updateHurricanePootis
2022-07-30Yuzu-emu uses it's own discord-rpc repo nowHurricanePootis
2022-07-25Rework prepare() to actually download the git modules from the local repos an...HurricanePootis
2022-06-14Removed GCC/Clang patch as it's no longer necessary and causing the build to ...Brendan Szymanski
2022-06-08Made clang default compiler, applied patch to workaround constexpr vector iss...Brendan Szymanski
2022-05-03Removed soundtouch from submodule dependenciesBrendan Szymanski
2021-11-16Updated dependenciesBrendan Szymanski
2021-10-05Remove libzip, use external SDLBrendan Szymanski
2021-08-25Added compatability list support, updated dependencies to reduce build timeBrendan Szymanski
2021-07-24Added httplib to submodule dependencies. Updated Discord dependency to new up...Brendan Szymanski
2021-04-25Update dependencies, refactor PKGBUILD, return to manual submodule managementBrendan Szymanski
2020-11-03Removed check(), added ffmpeg to makedependsBrendan
2020-07-24Update package version to notify users of the updateBrendan Szymanski
2020-07-24Temporarily added conan so builds can compile until fmt is updatedBrendan Szymanski
2020-05-30ChangeBrendan Szymanski
2020-05-30AddBrendan Szymanski
2020-04-30UpdateBrendan Szymanski
2020-04-23Update package versionBrendan Szymanski
2020-02-07Add SDL exception fixBrendan Szymanski
2020-01-29Update package versionBrendan Szymanski
2020-01-06Update package versionBrendan Szymanski
2019-12-11Update package versionBrendan Szymanski
2019-12-02Update package versionBrendan Szymanski
2019-11-29Update package versionBrendan Szymanski
2019-11-27Update package versionBrendan Szymanski
2019-11-27Add replace flags for yuzu-canary to yuzu-mainlineBrendan Szymanski
2019-11-23New name, same gameBrendan Szymanski