AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-22Update to 1.8.16Rhinoceros
2022-05-23Minor modifications; no need to bump pkgrelRhinoceros
2022-05-15upgraded to 1.8.15Roberto Polverelli Monti
2021-03-16bump up to 1.8.12Roberto Polverelli Monti
2021-02-01bump up to v1.8.11Roberto Polverelli Monti
2020-07-03update to 1.8.7Monson Shao
2020-03-03Bump up z.lua 1.8.4-1Javier Tiá
2020-02-09Bump up z.lua 1.8.3-1Javier Tiá
2019-12-28Bump up z.lua 1.7.4-1Javier Tiá
2019-09-06Bump up z.lua 1.7.3-1Javier Tiá
2019-08-01Bump up z.lua 1.7.2-1Javier Tiá
2019-03-11Bump up z.lua 1.7.0-1Javier Tiá
2019-03-04Bump up z.lua 1.6.0-1Javier Tiá
2019-03-02Bump up z.lua 1.5.11-1Javier Tiá
2019-03-01Bump up z.lua 1.5.10-1Javier Tiá
2019-02-26Bump up z.lua 1.5.-1Javier Tiá
2019-02-23Bump up z.lua 1.5.8-1Javier Tiá
2019-02-20Bump up z.lua 1.5.6-1Javier Tiá
2019-02-20Bump up z.lua 1.5.5-1Javier Tiá
2019-02-19Bump up z.lua 1.5.4-1Javier Tiá
2019-02-17Bump up z.lua 1.5.3-1Javier Tiá
2019-02-16Bump up z.lua 1.5.2-1Javier Tiá