AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-22Add correct hash for 0.7.7-betaDavid Parrish
2023-08-21Update to version 0.7.7-betaDavid Parrish
2022-07-23Add fuse2 dependencyDavid Parrish
2022-07-23Update to version 0.7.6-betaDavid Parrish
2021-11-11Update to version 0.7.2-betaDavid Parrish
2020-08-27Update to version 0.7.2-betaDavid Parrish
2019-11-17Remove unnecessary DESKTOPINTEGRATION environment variableDavid Parrish
2019-11-17Improve GUI integration by adding a working `.desktop` file on install.David Parrish
2019-10-23Update to version 0.5.4-betaDavid Parrish
2019-10-04Dynamically change the LICENSEDavid Parrish
2019-10-04Update to version 0.5.3-betaDavid Parrish
2019-09-15Convert bin to an AppImage. Update to version 0.5.2-beta.David Parrish
2019-04-12Update to version 0.4.1-betaDavid Parrish
2019-03-26Update to version 0.4.0-betaDavid Parrish
2019-02-14Update to version 0.3.4 betaDavid Parrish
2019-01-17Update to version 0.3.3-betaDavid Parrish
2018-09-30Fix path in desktop fileDavid Parrish
2018-09-27Up version to 0.2.2-betaDavid Parrish
2018-09-14Update .SRCINFODavid Parrish
2018-09-14Update sed string to use double quotes as suggested by shellcheckDavid Parrish
2018-09-14Update to version 0.2.1-betaDavid Parrish
2018-08-06Update to version v0.2.0-betaDavid Parrish
2018-06-22Initial commit. v0.1.1-betaDavid Parrish