AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-25Bumped to 6.1.1DLLCoolJ
2023-09-17bumped to 6.0.1archcloudlabsi
2023-09-17bump to 6.0.1archcloudlabsi
2023-07-15bumping to 6.0.0 LTS versionDLLCoolJ
2023-07-15bumping to LTS version 6.0.0DLLCoolJ
2023-04-11upgpkg: zeek 5.2.1-1KokaKiwi
2023-03-04upgpkg: zeek 5.2.0-1KokaKiwi
2023-02-22upgpkg: zeek 5.1.3-1KokaKiwi
2023-02-02upgpkg: zeek 5.1.2-1KokaKiwi
2023-01-09Update: 5.1.1Julianne H
2022-11-18Update: 5.1.0KokaKiwi
2022-11-09Update: 5.0.3KokaKiwi
2022-09-19Update: 5.0.2KokaKiwi
2022-09-19Fix buildKokaKiwi
2022-09-10Update: 5.0.1KokaKiwi
2022-07-09Update: 5.0.0KokaKiwi
2022-06-04Update: 4.2.2KokaKiwi
2022-04-24Update: 4.2.1KokaKiwi
2022-03-18Fix zkg state dirKokaKiwi
2022-03-18Update: 4.2.0KokaKiwi
2020-05-25Upgrade to 3.1.3 (with required patch)Pierre Lalet
2020-05-25Fix make installPierre Lalet
2020-05-14Roll back to 3.0.6Nick Skelsey
2020-05-14Simply changing versionsNick Skelsey
2020-05-14Bump version, use tarball, change unpack targetsNick Skelsey
2020-01-30Consolidate deps, add python3, adjust install locationsynnick
2020-01-30Bump package relsynnick
2019-11-04Add git to makedepends, bump version, change urlsynnick
2019-09-24Get version from gitPierre LALET
2019-09-24Install zeek in /usrPierre LALET
2019-09-17Bump zeek to version 3synnick
2019-09-17Remove deprecated build flagsynnick
2019-08-29Bump zeek for GH-541 fixsynnick
2019-08-22update srcinfo...synnick
2019-08-22Bump to 2.6.3synnick
2019-07-19Bump version to 2.6-378synnick
2019-07-19Remove problematic zeekctl from buildsynnick
2019-06-06Update scrinfo to reflect rel-2synnick
2019-06-06Remove peg on hardcoded version and follow mastersynnick
2019-06-05Update SRCINFOsynnick
2019-06-05Remove parallel build, specify deps indentified by namcapsynnick
2019-06-04Move configure and make into build fncsynnick
2019-06-04Save rough PKGBUILD that produces a stripped down bro binarysynnick