AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-02-25Update to 0.14Sergey A
2022-04-23Update to 0.13.1Sergey A
2022-03-23makedeps: add missing llvm and clangSergey A
2022-03-11Update to 0.13; switch md5 -> sha256Sergey A
2021-01-16upgpkg: zenith 0.12.0-1Sergey A
2020-10-27upgpkg: zenith-bin 0.11.0-1Sergey A
2020-09-14upgpkg: zenith 0.10.1-1Sergey A
2020-07-07Update to 0.10murlakatamenka
2020-05-30Update to 0.9.2murlakatamenka
2020-05-23Update to 0.9.0murlakatamenka
2020-04-11Update to 0.8.2murlakatamenka
2020-04-04Update to 0.8.1; remove --locked from build flagsmurlakatamenka
2020-04-02Update to 0.8.0murlakatamenka
2020-03-27Update to 0.7.7murlakatamenka
2020-03-25Update to 0.7.6murlakatamenka
2020-03-17Update to 0.7.5murlakatamenka
2020-03-16Initial commitmurlakatamenka