AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-25Update to zfs 2.1.5.Angelo Haller
2022-06-21Update to RT kernel and zfs 2.1.4.Angelo Haller
2021-12-19Update to RT kernel and zfs 2.1.2.Angelo Haller
2021-11-30Update to RT kernel Haller
2021-11-30Update to RT kernel: and zfs: 2.1.1.Angelo Haller
2020-08-04Revert "Update to RT kernel"Angelo Haller
2020-06-24Update to RT kernel Haller
2020-06-12Update to RT kernel Haller
2020-05-28Update to RT kernel Haller
2020-05-22Fix group.Angelo Haller
2020-05-22Merge remote-tracking branch 'zfs-linux-lts/master'Angelo Haller
2020-05-22Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.42-1 + zfs 0.8.4Archzfs Buildbot
2020-05-16Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.41-1 + zfs 0.8.4Archzfs Buildbot
2020-05-14Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.40-1 + zfs 0.8.4Archzfs Buildbot
2020-05-12Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.39-1 + zfs 0.8.4Archzfs Buildbot
2020-05-11Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.39-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-05-08Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.39-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-05-04Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.38-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-04-30Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.36-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-04-26Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.35-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-04-23Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.34-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-04-21Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.33-3 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-04-15Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.32-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-04-09Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.31-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-04-06Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.30-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-04-04Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.30-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-03-31Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.28-2 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-03-30Update to kernel Haller
2020-03-27Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.28-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-03-24Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.27-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-03-22Initial commit for zfs-linux-rt.Angelo Haller
2020-03-21Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.26-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-03-15Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.25-2 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-03-08Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.24-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-03-02Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.23-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-02-29Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.22-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-02-28Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.22-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-02-22Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.21-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-02-19Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.20-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-02-12Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.19-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-02-12Semi-automated update for kernel 5.4.18-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-02-05Semi-automated update for kernel 4.19.101-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-02-02Semi-automated update for kernel 4.19.99-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-01-26Semi-automated update for kernel 4.19.98-1 + zfs 0.8.3Archzfs Buildbot
2020-01-21Semi-automated update for kernel 4.19.97-1 + zfs 0.8.2Archzfs Buildbot
2020-01-18Semi-automated update for kernel 4.19.96-1 + zfs 0.8.2Archzfs Buildbot
2020-01-14Semi-automated update for kernel 4.19.95-1 + zfs 0.8.2Archzfs Buildbot
2020-01-10Semi-automated update for kernel 4.19.94-1 + zfs 0.8.2Archzfs Buildbot
2020-01-07Semi-automated update for kernel 4.19.93-1 + zfs 0.8.2Archzfs Buildbot
2020-01-03Semi-automated update for kernel 4.19.92-1 + zfs 0.8.2Archzfs Buildbot