AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysUpdate PKGBUILD to support 0.6.0Marc Tiehuis
2019-07-29Update SRCINFO for previous commitMarc Tiehuis
2019-07-29Pass None to CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE to use environment CFLAGS/CPPFLAGSMarc Tiehuis
2019-07-25Update for breaking install changesMarc Tiehuis
2019-05-01Remove stage2 artifact patchMarc Tiehuis
2019-04-20Update no_stage2_artifacts patchMarc Tiehuis
2018-10-04Update version -> 0.3.0Marc Tiehuis
2018-06-25Re-add llvm dependencyMarc Tiehuis
2018-06-13Use patches from src dirMarc Tiehuis
2018-06-10Omit unneeded deps and add patch checksumsMarc Tiehuis
2018-06-10Add git makedependMarc Tiehuis
2018-06-10Update SRCINFOMarc Tiehuis
2018-06-10Remove stage2 artifacts from install targetMarc Tiehuis
2018-04-30Update cmake build step and patchMarc Tiehuis
2018-03-28Update to HEADMarc Tiehuis
2018-03-09Pin commit to last LLVM5 supported versionMarc Tiehuis
2018-01-27Remove ncurses dependency requirementMarc Tiehuis
2017-10-24Add missing llvm linker flagsMarc Tiehuis
2017-09-17Update to llvm5 and latest git versionMarc Tiehuis
2017-09-10Add patch to handle new LLVM issues around inlineMarc Tiehuis
2017-09-05Update pkgrelMarc Tiehuis
2017-09-05Pin commit for git repositoryMarc Tiehuis
2017-08-23Version: 1439 -> 1468Marc Tiehuis
2017-08-11Version: 1434 -> 1439 + update check to handle stdlib changingMarc Tiehuis
2017-08-08Version: 1419 -> 1434Marc Tiehuis
2017-07-11Version: 1417 -> 1419Marc Tiehuis
2017-06-28Version: 1395 -> 1417 + Add test-suite check()Marc Tiehuis
2017-06-14Version: 1392 -> 1395Marc Tiehuis
2017-06-04Version: 1381 -> 1392Marc Tiehuis
2017-05-26Use pkgver to auto-update from master repoMarc Tiehuis
2017-05-23Update with newer build commands + cleanupMarc Tiehuis
2016-08-09Better put version, and we're using packages we can put it in /usrPedroHLC
2016-08-09first one...PedroHLC