AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-24Fresh TunaJohn Ramsden
2018-06-21Update to v0.19.0John Ramsden
2018-05-29Update package to 0.18.0John Ramsden
2017-02-10Updated to 17.0John Ramsden
2016-11-19Updated to v0.16.0John Ramsden
2016-06-12Incremented pkg releaseJohn Ramsden
2016-06-12Added zfs dependencyJohn Ramsden
2016-06-06Changed perl to dependencyJohn Ramsden
2016-05-30Incremented pkgrelJohn Ramsden
2016-05-30Fixed systemd unit referencing incorrect path /usr/local/binSTREBLO
2016-05-30Added .gitignore and made PKGBUILD and .SRCINFOSTREBLO