AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-17gitignoreRadu Potop
2024-05-17Added gitignoreRadu Potop
2024-04-20Updated to latestRadu Potop
2023-07-22Updated to latestRadu Potop
2023-06-30Updated to latestRadu Potop
2023-05-16Updated electron to 21 for zoho-cliq-upstream-electronRadu Potop
2023-05-16Updated to latestRadu Potop
2023-02-14updated to 1.6.0Radu Potop
2022-12-15Updated to 1.5.9Radu Potop
2022-11-30updated to 1.5.8Radu Potop
2022-10-03Updated to 1.5.7 and electron19Radu Potop
2022-08-09Updated to 1.5.6Radu Potop
2022-07-18Update electron_ver to 18Radu Potop
2022-06-21Update to 1.5.5Radu Potop
2022-03-31Added conflicts section, run shellcheckRadu Potop
2022-03-31Added package variant which runs on upstream Electron (experimental)Radu Potop
2022-03-31Updated to 1.5.3Radu Potop
2022-01-28Updated to 1.5.1Radu Potop
2021-10-04Updated to 1.5.0, use the deb packageRadu Potop
2021-06-03Update package to include dependenciesRadu Potop
2021-06-03Initial commitRadu Potop