AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-03autu: Update to 5.2.28-1Chris Severance
2019-01-23autu: Update to 5.2.25-1Chris Severance
2018-07-01autu: Update to 5.2.19-1Chris Severance
2018-05-03autu: Update to 5.2.16-1Chris Severance
2018-04-26Fix for pacaur no colorsChris Severance
2018-04-26Fix for pacaurChris Severance
2018-04-26Fix prepareChris Severance
2018-04-26autu: Update to 5.2.14-2Chris Severance
2018-04-26autu: Update to 5.2.14-1Chris Severance
2018-01-31Update to 5.2.12-1Xavion
2017-12-29Added two missing dependenciesXavion
2017-12-04Update to 5.2.10-1Xavion
2017-01-11Update to 3.3-2Xavion
2015-06-09Initial AUR v4 importationXavion