AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-18try to fix Perepelitsa
2021-07-22update gitignore: s/xt/zst/Roman Perepelitsa
2021-07-02add an explicit dependency on glibcRoman Perepelitsa
2021-07-02clean up dependencies; avoid packaging source filesRoman Perepelitsa
2021-06-27fix a warning from Aura helperRoman Perepelitsa
2021-06-27remove architectures that aren't currently supported by archlinuxRoman Perepelitsa
2021-06-27replace 'any' arch with an explicit list of supported architecturesRoman Perepelitsa
2021-06-27build gitstatusd locally instead of downloading the officially released versionRoman Perepelitsa
2021-01-19upgrade to v1.14.6Roman Perepelitsa
2020-12-21upgrade to v1.14.5Roman Perepelitsa
2020-12-18upgrade to v1.14.4Roman Perepelitsa
2020-11-26upgrade to v1.14.3Roman Perepelitsa
2020-11-26upgrade to v1.14.1Roman Perepelitsa
2020-09-01upgrade to v1.13.0Roman Perepelitsa
2020-07-06upgrade to v1.12.0Roman Perepelitsa
2020-06-06add makedepends=('git')Roman Perepelitsa
2020-06-06fix package by adding all necessary filesRoman Perepelitsa
2020-02-03remove uneeded line from PKGBUILDRon Asimi
2019-09-24remove old screenshotsRon Asimi
2019-09-18removed extendedconfiguration.mdRon Asimi
2019-07-24remove functions/ from PKGBUILDRon Asimi
2019-07-22update with config dirRon Asimi
2019-06-01add p10k.zshRon Asimi
2019-03-22add to docsRon Asimi
2019-03-19bump pkgverRon Asimi
2019-03-18update pkgverRon Asimi
2019-03-18fix pkgver()Ron Asimi
2019-03-18further fix to pkgver()Ron Asimi
2019-03-18pkgver discrepancyRon Asimi
2019-03-18pkgver()Ron Asimi
2019-03-18pkgver() againRon Asimi
2019-03-18fix error in pkgbuild()Ron Asimi
2019-03-18update pkgver()Ron Asimi
2019-03-18bump pkgver - should fix pkgver errorsRon Asimi
2019-03-18update pkgverRon Asimi
2019-03-17update pkgverRon Asimi
2019-03-16update pkgverRon Asimi
2019-03-13update pkgver and add demo.pngRon Asimi
2019-03-10update pkgdescRon Asimi
2019-03-10update execute bit on setup scriptRon Asimi
2019-03-10workingRon Asimi
2019-03-09fuck thisRon Asimi
2019-03-09tested it this timeRon Asimi
2019-03-09gitstatus x13Ron Asimi
2019-03-09fuck x12Ron Asimi
2019-03-09fuck x11Ron Asimi
2019-03-09fuck x10Ron Asimi
2019-03-09fuck x9Ron Asimi
2019-03-09fuck x8Ron Asimi
2019-03-09fuck x7Ron Asimi